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 IDTitleStagePriorityAverage RatingMyRating
3Subscribe to wishlistsSubmittedMedium
4Add notes to with list itemsSubmittedMedium
5Ability to share a bunch of products at once (wish list for homeowners)SubmittedMedium
6Show where items not in stock are coming from and their estimated delivery dateSubmittedMedium
7Auto suggest needs to show all of the descriptionSubmittedMedium
8email notification to person who submitted the order or quoteSubmittedMedium
9Ability to convert quotes to orders and retain quote pricingSubmittedMedium
10Add and manage customer part numbersSubmittedMedium
11Order in Order Approval can't be deletedSubmittedMedium
12PO field not available for Buyer1SubmittedMedium
13Ability to add promotional discounts directly to orders.SubmittedHigh
18Go to next Page buttons on the bottom of listsSubmittedHigh
20Notes do not display in Order HistorySubmittedHigh
23Make List price availableSubmittedLow
24Display some home page carousel images to signed in users onlySubmittedMedium
44Display Case QtySubmittedMedium
46Add estimater role to only submit quotesSubmittedHigh
47What I buy option in product searchesSubmittedHigh
48Any administrator order approvalSubmittedHigh
28Include alternate codes in product searchesEstimatingMedium
45Change the default number of items returned to 32 (or 100)EstimatingHigh
15Selected ship to does not populate shipping information during checkout.In DevelopmentHigh
31Order notes and Line notes are being submitted as private notes.In DevelopmentHighest
17Default back to the item field on the Quick Order form.TestingMedium
14Where to find year to date sales data.ImplementedHigh
19Ability to view account balances (aging)ImplementedHigh
22Feedback page for signed in usersImplementedHigh
25Increase the time to session time out to 8 - 10 hoursImplementedHigh
26Display Product AccessoriesImplementedHigh
27Ability to turn off images when printingImplementedHigh
29Don't require a 'Ship Method' for quote order - default it to 'Will Call'ImplementedMedium
30PO field disappears on order confirmation when quote type is selected it should notImplementedMedium
32Add product as a search option in order lookupImplementedHigh
33Improve site performance speedImplementedHighest
  • The "Enhancement List" represents the items we are currently working on in order to make 'My Granite Access' better. You must be signed in to view the list
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Enhancement List

  • The "Enhancement List" represents the items we are currently working on in order to make 'My Granite Access' better. You must be signed in to view the list
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