Remote Metering

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Remote Metering

by Josh Presson



Why did I run out of fuel? Again!? Running out of fuel is never fun for the propane marketer, the homeowner, or the on-call technician that gets the call at 2:00 AM. For a homeowner on automatic delivery much of this lies on the fuel provider. Many of these issues can be solved with a form of remote metering.

When it comes to propane, ultrasonic meters with GSM radio frequency provide a great solution that gives accurate immediate readings on usage and availability in addition to the following:


  • Prevent disputes on usage between homeowner and marketer
  • Fewer run outs, leak checks, and start ups
  • More efficient deliveries
  • Reduction of business costs



Fuel oil? That’s even easier. With a number of options available on the market utilizing in-home Wi-Fi Solution networks both homeowners and fuel dealers can have immediate readings on fuel levels in addition to the following:


  • Text & email alerts
  • Track usage and adjust
  • Typically no monthly monitoring fees


In a few years from now we could have the technology to show how much fuel is consumed per shower taken, down to the minute!

While this remote monitoring capability may lead to lower fuel sales, do you want to be the fuel dealer that doesn’t offer modern technology? Don’t be! Offer the solution that your customer wants!

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