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Leverage RF scanning and barcode technology to increase the efficiency of your reordering

The Granite Group brings together three key technologies to help you realize greater effiencies in your stockroom reording.

  1. Barcode labels. Barcode labels are simply a product code printed in a machine readable language
  2. Bluetooth Scanner. Bluetooth technology allows a hand held scanner, about the size of your cars key faub, to connect to any bluetooth enabled device, like your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. The scanner then acts like a keyboard, reading the barcode label, translating it into its human readable form and submitting it to your device.
  3. The Granite Group OnLine Store. The mobile friendly features of the OnLine Store means that it will work on any device that has an internet connection and web browser.

So, your stockroom shelves with barcode labels, a bluetooth scanner connected to a mobile device and The Granite Groups OnLine Store means a more effiecient ordering process.

What's the setup like?

  1. If you havent done so, sign up for access to your account through The Granite Groups' My Granite Access portal.
    • You can click here to go right to the sign up form.
    • Once you have signed up, or for existing users, the scanning functionality is already supported under the "My Orderpad" link on the home page of the OnLine Store.
  2. Your Granite Group sales rep will work with you to identify the products you want to label and to make sure your warehouse is setup properly. An organized warehouse is key.
  3. Once the products are set, labels will be printed and you and your sales rep can begin to label your shelves.
  4. Any bluethooth capable scanner should work, we recommend the Saveo Pocket Scan. The Granite Group can get the equipment to you.
  5. That's it, your up and running.

One walk through with the scanner, mobile device, and OnLine Store and you wont want to go back to manually counting with paper and pencil again!

How to I get started, who should I talk to?

Ask your sales rep, they'll get you going. Or follow this link to complete a short form to get the ball rolling. 

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