Introducing Oil Yeller

Trays and Leak Detection Alarms for Oil Tanks, Furnaces and Boilers

Oil Yeller

Promote clean and safe heating oil storage on your next job by including a containment tray from Oil Yeller. Designed to capture leaks from tanks, filters and burners or from overfill situations, there is a tray to fit almost every job. Whether putting a tray down before installing a new tank or retrofitting an existing tank, boiler or furnace, we stock a tray that will work. The trays are made of oil resistant high-density polyethylene with the largest tray being able to hold over 40 gallons of liquid.

For an extra layer of protection, Oil Yeller also offers leak detection alarms that are designed specifically for the containment trays. Provide homeowners peace of mind as they will be notified long before the tray reaches capacity. We stock both a battery powered option as well as a hard wire option that can connect to external security systems.

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