Viessmann $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Promotion Start: 10/01/2019
Promotion End: 12/31/2019

From October 1 through December 31, 2019, contractors purchasing a Viessmann Vitorond 100 will receive a $100 gift card*, in cooperation with participating wholesalers.


Vitorond 100, VR1 – 91 to 245 MBH | Oil-fired technology for clean, efficient combustion and durability

Efficient by design: The Vitorond 100, with its triple-pass heat exchanger, is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency while providing exceptional comfort. Unlike single-pass boilers, the Vitorond 100 guides flue gasses through the heat exchanger three times, allowing the greatest amount of heat extraction to be achieved. This design significantly increases the efficiency of the boiler and results in excellent fuel utilization, reducing emissions and your heating cost.



  • Triple-pass, sectional cast iron boiler.
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber insert.
  • 6 models from 91 to 245 MBH.
  • A.F.U.E. rating up to 87.1%.
  • Thick 3½” thermal insulation.
  • Ideal for radiator, baseboard, indirect domestic hot water heating and in-floor heating.


Benefits at a glance

  • Maximum heat extraction and efficiency with triple-pass heat exchanger.
  • Long service life and maximum reliability with cast iron heat exchanger
  • Clean and efficient combustion with stainless steel combustion insert.
  • Quiet combustion with Carlin, Beckett or Riello burner options
  • Direct vent option (up to VR1-33) eliminates chimney requirements.
  • Converts from oil to natural gas with burner replacement
  • Low maintenance burner and easy-to clean flue gas passageways.
  • Optional boiler stand available


Includes The Granite Group “Hassle Free” redemption guarantee. No paperwork to be filled out or invoices to be copied. We’ll keep track for you!


*Limit of 5 redemptions per Contractor Company. Please see the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion for additional information.

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