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Promotion Start: 05/11/2020
Promotion End: 06/30/2020

We’re clearing out overstock from a recent acquisition!


 Code    Name  Price    
Brentwood Toilet  
 Mansfield Toilets
MAN3147WHT   3147 Brentwood 1.6 GPF;Tank W/LH Trip WHT  $93.40  
MAN4148WHT   4148 Brentwood Elongated;S/H Bowl WHT $158.92  
 Vanquish Toilet
MAN3987WHT   3987 Vanquish 1.6 GPF;Tank W/LH Trip WHT $71.89  
MAN4987WHT   4987 Vanquish Elongated;S/H Bowl WHT $167.76  
Summit Toilet
MAN380WHT   380 Summit Round Toilet;Bowl WHT $60.61  
MAN388WHT   388 Summit Round S/H;Bowl WHT $91.21  
MAN384WHT   384 Summit Elong S/H;Toilet Bowl WHT $107.94  
MAN386LTWHT   386LT Summit 1.6 GPF;Lined Tank W/LH Trip WHT $58.04  
MAN386RHWHT   386RH Summit 1.6 GPF;Tank W/RH Trip WHT $53.87  
MAN387LTWHI   387LT Summit 1.28 GPF;Lined Tank W/LH Trip WHT $58.04  
MAN387WHT   387 Summit 1.28 GPF Tank;W/LH Trip WHT $50.00  
 Mansfield Lavs
 Protector Complete Toilet Kit
 MAN1384CTK    1384 Protector 1.6 GPF;Elong S/H Toilet Kit WHT $186.02   
 Drop In Lav
MAN237-4WHT   237 MS Oval Drop In Sink;4CC WHT $23.30  
MAN239-4WHT   239 MS Round Drop In;Sink 4CC WHT $23.30  
MAN268WHT   268 Barrett Drop In Sink;4CC WHT $98.36  
 Mismatched Product
MAN155WHT   155 Quantum 1.28 GPF;Tank W/LH Trip WHT $173.87  
MAN4197WHT   4197 Waverly Elongated;S/H Bowl WHT $106.24  


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