Mastercool Backpack Promotion

Promotion Start: 07/01/2020
Promotion End: 07/31/2020

Purchase any 3 tools from the list below and get a free Mastercool backpack!

Code Description
MAS900662V110B 6cfm Vacuum Pump
MAS69300 Refrigerant Recovery Unit
MAS52246 Compact Superheat/Subcool Calculator
MAS70078 Torque Wrench Kit
MAS70200MSK Mini Split Tool Kit
MAS71600A Hand Held Swedging Tool Kit
MAS71675 Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit (7 Heads)
MAS70070 Ratchet Style Tube Bender 3/8”-7/8”
MAS70058A Eccentric Flaring Tool Kit
MAS53001 Nitrogen Pressure Regulator
MAS53010 Nitrogen Pressure Regulator Kit
MAS55800 Hand Held Refrigerant Leak Detector
MAS99923BT2 2-Way Wireless Bluetooth Manifold w/Clamps
MAS99943BT2 4-Way Wireless Bluetooth Manifold w/Clamps