2021 Rinnai SENSEI Rebate

Promotion Start: 01/01/2021
Promotion End: 06/30/2021

Receive a $75 Rebate with Rinnai SENSEI™


Ubbink 2 x 4 Concentric Venting Terminations for U.S.
30% SAVINGS OVER 3/5 CONDENSING. Allows for expansion and contraction, and lighter weight. Push-fit connections provide secure, safe seals.


Rebate Amount:

$75 USD for each claim submission


Claim Submission Deadline:

July 31, 2021


Required Documentation:

Invoice for purchase of both Rinnai SENSEI Tankless Water Heaters (Models: RUR160i, RUR199i, RU130i, RU160i, RU180i, RU199i) and 2x4 Concentric Venting Terminations (Part Numbers: 229031, 229032, 229033, 224359)

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