Celebrate All That is green

Promotion Start: 03/01/2023
Promotion End: 03/31/2023

$175 Instant Rebate at the counter! 

  • Ultra low NOx burners
  • 95%+ efficiencies
  • Vent with PVC, CPVC, and PP power or direct vent
  • Designed for all replacements
  • Compatible with most thermostats
  • Meets Energy Star, Mass Save, and 25C Federal Tax product requirements.


Qualifying products:

Greenstar   BOSZWB423A
Greenstar   BOSZWB283A
Greenstar   BOSZWB42
Greenstar   BOSKWB35
Greenstar   BOSKBR35
Greenstar   BOSKWB42
Greenstar   BOSZBR28
Greenstar   BOSKBR28
Greenstar   BOSKWB28
Greenstar   BOSKBR42
Greenstar   BOSZWB35
Greenstar   BOSKBR21
Greenstar   BOSZBR42
Greenstar   BOSZBR35
Greenstar   BOSZWB28
Greenstar   BOSZBR21
Greentherm   BOST9800SE160
Greentherm   BOST9900SE160
Greentherm   BOST9800SE199
Greentherm   BOST9900SE199
Greentherm   BOST9900ISE199
Singular   BOSSIN5200
Singular   BOSSIN4000