Flo by Moen

Promotion Start: 08/01/2019
Promotion End: 09/30/2019

The smart home water security system.

  • Flo by Moen is a mainline water monitoring device for the home.
  • The device monitors water, identifies leaks and alerts homeowners of these issues to protect the home.
  • Real-time alerts through the smartphone app help inform homeowners on water usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Features notifications for remote shutoff option for homeowner via mobile app and automatic shutoff if a catastrophic leak is detected in the home.

Whole-Home Water Security
Flo by Moen monitors the entire water system for big leaks, microleaks and even invisible leaks behind walls.

Proactive Protection
Daily health tests help keep the home leak-free and alert the user when there’s an issue.

Water Shutoff
Remote water shutoff from the user's phone and automatic water shutoff for protection even when they’re offline.

Microleak™ Technology
Advanced sensors detect leaks as small as one drop of water per minute.

On-call experts help users identify and troubleshoot detected leaks.

Save water and money while protecting the home and possessions from water damage.

Where is Flo by Moen installed?
One device is installed on the main water supply line and paired with the home’s Wi-Fi. From here, Flo by Moen can capture all vulnerabilities in the potable water system.


  • Water damage deductible guarantee $2,500
  • Proactive monitoring and water concierge
  • Enhanced water usage data
  • Extended product warranty (3 years)
  • Insurance Verification Letter
  • $5 per month fee with 30-day free trial


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