Northeast Fuel Industry Passes Net-Zero Emissions

RW Beckett Corp offers retrofit solution to meet emissions goals.

Northeast Fuel Industry Passes Net-Zero Emissions

by Josh Presson



At the NEFI Heat show this past September, the regional association and more than 300 of its members passed a resolution calling for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet this goal, the industry has set benchmarks of a 15% reduction by 2023, 40% by 2030, and the remaining 60% by 2050.


One of the ways this reduction will be achieved is with a higher concentration of bio fuel and although bio fuel has been around for years it has struggled to gain mainstream adoption within the home heat industry. With proper equipment and training specifically tailored to bio blends it is a completely viable fuel.


To meet the needs of a higher concentrated blend of fuel, RW Beckett Corp has a retrofit solution available to upgrade existing equipment. Rather than total replacement of the burner Beckett offers the B20KITAF1 which allows existing AFG burners to be upgraded to better handle Bio fuel blends up to B20. This kit includes a Suntec A2VA-7116 B Fuel Unit (rated to 20% bio), stainless steel solenoid valve, stainless steel fuel line, as well as stainless steel and nickel plated fittings to further eliminate yellow metal exposure to the fuel.


While Beckett’s retrofit kit takes care of the burners capability to handle B20 blends other precautions should be made in the handling of bio fuel. With standard oil having a shelf life of 18-24 months bio blends can have a shelf life as short as six months. Using fuel additives is one way to extend the usable life of bio blends.



For any further information on Bio Fuel burners or fuel additives please reach out to a TGG Fuel Market Manager.

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