Why You Should Stock a Mesh Wi-Fi Router on Your Truck

Save Yourself from Connectivity Issues

Google WiFi Router - Image by Google

by Brian Miller



Many of the heating and cooling systems contractors install now need to connect to the internet for proper operation or to allow the end user to control the system remotely. Sometimes these installations run into problems where the installation does not seem to work once completed.

The equipment was installed perfectly, everything was connected to the router as directed and the job looks great! So, why can’t it be controlled or accessed online? Or in some cases, why can’t it connect to the internet even though the customer’s internet and online services are working? It has to be an issue with the new equipment, right?

Most times the problem is not with the HVAC equipment that you just installed, but rather with the existing router in the home. Many (but not all) routers have 2 channels to run internet data over. There is a 5.0 GHz channel and a 2.4GHz channel. Most data usually uses the 5.0 GHz channel as it is faster. Home automation systems (lighting, security, thermostats, HVAC systems) usually need access to a 2.4GHz channel to connect.

If the existing router only has a 5.0 GHz channel, the HVAC system cannot connect to the internet. In addition, older routers may not use WPA2 security encryption which is also now standard to how HVAC systems are set up.

The easy solution is to stock a Wi-Fi router on your trucks or include a new Wi-Fi router in your price for any installation which will need internet access. The new router can be easily installed by just plugging it in to a power outlet, connecting it to the modem, and then setting it up online. It does not need to replace the existing router, it can be dedicated to the HVAC system.

Routers cost under $100 and are worth much more than that in terms of time saved and the frustration avoided trying to troubleshoot connection issues. So, consider stocking a Wi-Fi router on your truck to save yourself from connectivity issues today!

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