LP Tank Evacuation with the Ventur-Evac

No Longer A Two Person Operation


by Gary Lieb


LP tank evacuations typically require a two-person team and a large heavy pump to safely perform. Many companies struggle to meet the time and resources needed for a two-person team to complete these evacuations. With the Ventur-Evac tank evacuations can safely and efficiently be performed by delivery drivers on their routes. Additional service personnel are not required as the Venture-Evac fits in the toolbox of your delivery vehicle and its size also reduces the risk of employee injury.

A single person can now perform the following tasks that routinely takes two people:

  • Evacuating tanks for valve or gauge repairs
  • Unseat stuck back checks
  • Immediately remedy tank overfills.

With no lubricant or fuel required, and no moving parts, the Ventur- Evac will last longer than other evacuators on the market.

If you would like to discuss the Ventur-Evac or LP tank evacuation methods please reach out to your Granite Group Fuel Market Manager.

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