How to Turn a Little Automation into a Huge Opportunity

Harnessing the power of smart technology to better serve savvy homeowners

Home Automation

Blue-tinted light bulbs that gently wake you up by lowering your melatonin levels. Ovens you can pre-heat from your phone. Voice-controlled thermostats that learn from your commands.


The era of the smart home is upon us. And smart homeowners are hungry for technology-based solutions.


In fact, by 2023, it’s estimated that 53.9% of U.S. homes will include some kind of smart home automation.* Meanwhile, 81% of consumers already say they’re more likely to purchase a home that comes with smart tech.**


Why the trend?



Smart security systems can alert homeowners to trouble (no matter where in the world they are) and proactively prevent break-ins—bringing peace of mind to a whole new level.



From lowering insurance premiums to cutting down utility costs, the financial benefits of home automation add up fast.



57% of Americans believe that using smart tech saves them 30 minutes of time a day.*** That means getting a whole week back at the end of every year.



As the realities of climate change become harder to ignore, smart energy monitoring devices help homeowners reduce environmental impact.


The drive toward smarter homes is only just starting to pick up speed—and entire industries are evolving quickly to meet growing demand.


A prime example is water management. Smart systems designed to detect leaks and water flow abnormalities are helping homeowners save hundreds of dollars every year—and avoid thousands of dollars in water damages.


By automating water management systems, industry leaders like DROP are making it possible to remotely control everything from salt levels to water shut-off. And by running systems on a proprietary network, they’re able to provide continuous home protection even in the event of an internet outage.


With so many benefits and so much consumer interest, the future of the home automation market is brighter today than it’s ever been. And it’s time for contractors to seize the moment, expand their offerings and help today’s savvier home buyers find the safety and security they’re looking for.


*Source: Wonder

**Source: Safe Smart Living


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