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TGG Cares Supports "Give a Dog a Home" German Shepherd Dog Rescue

TGG Donates Heating Unit for Dog Rescue

Give a Dog a Home

By TGG Cares Member Brittany Taylor

Give a Dog a Home German Shepherd Dog Rescue in Sebec, Maine is a rescue that is near and dear to my heart. This rescue is run by one woman who organizes transports from Texas kill shelters and brings them to Maine for adoption. She has saved dogs from other areas around the world, including China...working tirelessly to organize flying them over to safety and finding adopters in the United States.

We adopted our German Shepherd Mix (Halsey) 3 years ago from this rescue after finding it online. Being located in Connecticut, it is very difficult to help, but we still actively follow the rescue. Many times we have shared posts of adoptable dogs on Facebook or donated to transport fundraisers the rescue holds. A couple years ago, I made and sold dog leashes in our Colchester, CT branch and the profits were sent directly to the rescue. Through that effort, I was able to send just over $300 to the rescue with proud supporters of the leashes.

Late in 2020, Jenny, the rescue owner, who is very active on Facebook, posted about the heating unit in the dog kennel building needing to be replaced. She was looking for help. I messaged her and simply told her to email me some more information to see if my knowledge from working at TGG could assist her.

Through many conversations and help from TGG's Brian Miller, TGG Cares Chair Monica Apgar, The Granite Group's Bangor branch and Scott Righini, The Granite Group's Granby Heating/Conforto sales representative, TGG donated a Conforto furnace and burner to the dog rescue. Additionally, Conforto donated the venting kit to the rescue as well. Working together, we were able to donate the largest expense (the heating unit), to the rescue! Our Bangor branch helped organize pick-up and delivery of the products to the rescue.

Since then, the unit has been installed and the dogs are warm during the frigid nights up in Sebec, Maine!

This year, 2021, is especially special. It is the rescue's 10-year anniversary. Jenny created a special logo to celebrate this anniversary and is selling commemorative t-shirts as well. As you can see, The Granite Group is proudly presented on the logo!

Thank you to all that helped with this! Jenny is very glad to have worked with us and appreciates the donation of the furnace and products. Since then, the funds that would have been spent on purchasing these products have gone to a transport of dogs from Texas to help save the lives of dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized.

For more information:
Visit the Give A Dog A Home's website or Facebook page. T-Shirts ARE available for purchase on the rescue's website and Facebook page!

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