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2019 CORE Award Winners

Congratulations to Scott Porter and Jenn Bousquet!

2019 Core Award Winners

At this year's Granite Group Annual Meeting we handed out our inaugural CORE awards. The CORE award is given to two of our team members that best exemplify The Granite Group's core values of P.R.A.I.S.E. (Professionalism - Relationships - Aggressive - Integrity - Service - Entrepreneurial).

All nominees for the award came from peers submitting reasons why team members should be considered. When the final votes were tallied, the two very deserving winners were Commercial Project Manager, Jenn Bousquet and Regional Operations & Training Manager, Scott Porter. If you've had the pleasure to work with Jenn or Scott, it would be pretty easy to see why their peers voted for them.

For winning the CORE award, both Jenn and Scott received $2,500 and will be traveling to their choice of one of our Destinations 2020 vacations! Please join us in giving Jenn and Scott a huge (and extremely well earned) CONGRATULATIONS!

Jenn Bousquet's nominations: “She has a great work ethic and she is always calm and collected. She has been willing to help me, as a new employee in the department, with anything I have had trouble with or had questions about. She is always on top of her work and every vendor that I have come in contact with loves working with her. I might be new to the company, but from the people I have met she deserves to be recognized for her work.”

“Works her butt off on buy quotes and purchase orders, usually tackling way more projects than any person should. Doesn't get the recognition deserved for the amount of hard work and effort she's put in over the years. Has great relationships with all her customers and lends a helping hand when needed.”

Scott Porter's nomination: He embodies the principles of PRAISE and reflects them on a daily basis. Every day he conducts himself professionally and with the utmost integrity. He maintains strong relationships and is well respected across the company. Each day of the 30+ years he has been with TGG he has given everything he has. It’s not the 12 hours days that he constantly puts in that set him apart. It’s not the pride he takes in his work that makes him different from the rest. What I really admire about him is his unwavering drive to get a job done no matter how big it may be or how impossible it might seem to complete.

Many of his responsibilities and tasks are not the fun or flashy ones. Dead stock, RMPOs, inventory issues and other operational processes can be monotonous and frustrating. He suits up every day with a positive, professional attitude no matter what life or TGG throws at him. He attacks every problem, roadblock or task he has with pride and people see it and it earns him respect. If we are looking to reward an associate that truly represents the CORE of our PRAISE, I find it nearly impossible to find somebody better suited for it than him.”

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