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2019 Quarter Century Club

Celebrating 25 Years (or More!) at The Granite Group

2019 Quarter Century Club

 One of the highlights last night's 2019 Annual meeting was recognizing this very special group of current TGG family members who have been with us at least 25 years. As you can see, there are more than a few folks here and there were some missing! Along with receiving a custom "25 Year" Award, this group will be honored at a special dinner that will be held annually after this year.


Say Hello to the Inaugural Granite Group "Quarter Century Club"!

 Scott Allen  32 Years        Bryan Baines  31 Years
 Joseph Barber  40 Years        Harmony Bourassa  26 Years
 Dave Buck  34 Years         Julie Caouette
 25 Years
 Marion Chandler  35 Years        Julie Chani  39 Years
 Ken Charles   36 Years        Ray Cross  32 Years
 Joseph Cunningham  31 Years        Kevin Cunningham  36 Years
 Richard Cunningham Jr  37 Years        Adam Curcuro  30 Years
 Tom DiPerri  39 Years        Ernest Doyon  25 Years
 Dale Duby    41 Years        Theodore Duntley  29 Years
 David Dyson  40 Years        Joseph Early  41 Years 
 Paul Ficaro  30 Years         Anthony Fiore  33 Years
 Don Florence  31 Years        Tom Fournier  27 Years
 Marianne Fox  32 Years        Gary Frachey    26 Years
 Joe Goff  35 Years        Tina Grant  25 Years
 John Gross  41 Years        Glenn Guilmette  27 Years
 John Haik    43 Years        Dana Healey  38 Years
 Mark Hebert  31 Years        Bill Hilfinger  36 Years
 Fred Hughes  26 Years        Fred Jackson    35 Years
 Paul Jalbert  46Years        Peg Karakla  31 Years
 Shelley Lapanne  34 Years        Doug Liebal  37 Years
 Steve Long  27 Years        Bob Marshall  35 Years
 Barry Metayer  35 Years        Joanne Mitchell  26 Years
 David Morrell  42 Years        Scott Morris  40 Years
 Mike Mullaney  26 Years        Larry Nardi  38 Years
 Jason Nielsen  31 Years        Rodney Page    26 Years
 Rob Pellegrini  36 Years        Louise Poisson  51 Years
 Scott Porter  33 Years        Keith Raymond  34 Years
 Steve Redlon  27 Years        Randy Robinson  29 Years
 JR Rousseau  33 Years        Janet Rubin  33 Years
 Michael Ryan 26Years        Mike Sapienza  32 Years
 Jim Sheehan  40 Years        Shawn Sisk  30 Years
 Robert Smith  26Years        Joseph Smith Jr  31 Years
 Rod Sylvia  35 Years        Jim Trebisacci  44 Years
 Armand Turcotte  33 Years        Dave Wagner  46Years
 Mike Walter  41 Years        John Whalen   36Years


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