Thank you for interest in Destinations 2024. Destinations is The Granite Group’s exclusive travel incentive program. Through your purchases from us you will be able to travel with us to either Walt Disney World or Puerto Rico in 2024.


Aruba Excursions

To help you experience Aruba and all that it has to offer, we have researched and scheduled a whole bunch of great excursions and activities for you. We are working with a company called ECO DMS. ECO specializes in group activities in Aruba. These excursions are optional and at your own expense. They are not part of your package.

Here is a link to a custom website developed by ECO exclusively for us. Have some fun researching our excursion and activity offering. If you find something you wish to experience, we suggest scheduling and paying for it in advance of the trip and not have to wait in line during the trip.


Research & Book

2023 6-Day, 5-Night Aruba’s Palm Beach Vacation
April 29 – May 3, 2024: We look forward to sharing everything Puerto Rico has to offer!
April 19 – 23, 2024: Experience the magic of four amazing parks!

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