Mobile App Help and FAQ

The mobile app provides all the features and benefits of The Granite Group's OnLine Store and more - directly from you mobile device. Use mobile device capabilities like scanning Granite Group bar codes from your phones camera. See the list below for current features. 

Mobile App OnLine Store icon

Use this icon to access The Granite Groups OnLine Store. Search products, check price and availability and order online.

Mobile access to the OnLine Store also provides that ability to scan Granite Group bar code labels go directly to the product page to see price, availability, add to cart and more.

To use the scanner:

  1. Tap the scan icon in the top right hand corner.
    Granite Group Mobile App OnLine Store header
  2. This will open your camera for scanning.
    scanning image
  3. Place the red line over the bar code until it comes into focus.
  4. Once in focus, the camera will automatically take a picture and direct you to the product detail page for the product.
  5. From there you tap "Add to Cart" to add the item to your shopping cart and then tap the scan option again to repeat the process.


Order history icon

This icon will direct you to the My Account --> Order History section of the OnLine Store.

From there you will be able to search and view your Granite Group orders.

For more information about order history see the OnLine Store Order History FAQ


account balance icon

 Use this icon to view your statement information including:

  • Period balances
  • Future balance
  • Total balance
  • Service charges
  • Misc Credits
  • Unapplied Cash
  • COD Balance

Note: You must be an administrator to view this information.


documents icon

The documents icon provides access to available product documents by vendor and category.

To find and view documents:

  1. Tap the Select a Manufacturer drop down.
    mobile app documents select manufacturer
  2. Select a manufacturer
  3. Select the product category.
    select a document category
  4. Scroll the list and select the document your wish to view.
    select a document
  5. The document will open in the default PDF viewer set in your mobile device.
  6. Use the back button to return to the categories for the selected manufacturer.


promotions icon

 Use this icon to view a list of The Granite Groups current promotions.

scan for price icon

 This icon will open your camera to use for scanning Granite Group bar code labels.

See the OnLine Store scanning information above for details on how to use the scanning feature.

locations icon

 A list of Granite Group locations with:

  • Phone numbers
  • Address
  • Directions to the branch
events icon Select this icon so see a list of upcoming events, news and more.
contact us icon

 Have a question?

Use this icon to access our feedback form.

Need to speak to someone directly, please see the locations icon for phone numbers.