Well and Water Systems Virtual Showcase

  • Meet George Broulidakis, The Granite Group’s new Sales Manager of Well and Water Systems
  • Learn about The Granite Group's commitment to Well and Water Systems and our new Partnership with Chandler Systems
  • See new products from Goulds Pumps and Well-x-trol by Amtrol
  • Get a look at Amtrol's fantastic "Tanks on Tour" mobile education truck

Presenter Contact Information


The Granite Group

 George Broulidakis  

George Broulidakis
Sales Manager, Well and Water Systems

email: gbroulidakis@thegranitegroup.com

Best Products - Best Service

  • Enhanced commitment to well and water market
  • Expanded service and support
  • New Manufacturer introductions
  • New well and water items added to inventory
  • Increased inventory commitment to well and water accessories



Goulds Water Technology

 Jeff Rook  

Jeff Rook
Market Development Manager at Xylem

email: Jeff.Rook@xylem.com

  • ResiBoost
  • AGS Grinder Pump
  • GSD Sewage Pump



Dan Davis Sales

 Mike Levesque  

Mike Levesque

email: Mike@dandavissales.com

  • Well X Trol by Amtrol
  • Clean Water Technology Tanks
  • Antimicrobial Liner Protection
  • High strength steel with Heavy Duty Butyl Diaphragm
  • Upgrades and product enhancements



Chandler Systems

 Brett Wilfong  

Brett Wilfong
National Sales Manager

email: bwilfong@chandlersystemsinc.com

DROP is a complete ecosystem of smart water system products that monitor flow, pressure and air temperature. Water-related devices are managed throughout the home and water is automatically shut off in the event of a leak, freezing temps or system malfunction.

  • DROP Hub creates a wireless network in the home and manages all the DROP products. Connects with home WiFi to allow remote monitoring and control from Smartphones when you are away from home.
  • DROP Pump Controller monitors usage and pump diagnostics. Controls operation of well pump and shuts pump off if a problem occurs.
  • DROP Home Protection Valve monitors pressure, flow and temperature. Shuts off water if a problem occurs.
  • DROP Water Treatment Systems combine professional grade water softeners and filters with the ability to shut off water and alert if a problem occurs.
  • DROP Leak Detectors wirelessly monitor remote areas of home for leaks and temperature extremes that could lead to property damage.
  • DROP Salt Level Sensors monitor and alert in the event your softener is getting low on salt.