2021 Fall Energy Products Catalog: Fuel & Oil

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 A  HOLLOW-CONE Type A-nozzles are mainly used on burners with a hollow cone air pattern and for through puts up to 2.00 GPH. The droplet distribution is concentrated on the outside of the cone and results in good ignition and low-noise combustion.
 B  SOLID-CONE Type B-nozzles produce a spray that distributes droplets fairly uniformly throughout the complete pattern. The spray pattern becomes progressively more hollow at higher flow rates, particulary above 8.00 GPH. Provides smooth ignition and efficient combustion, particulary in larger burners.
 W  Type W “ ALL PURPOSE “-nozzles are neither truly hollow nor solid. These nozzles frequently can be used in place of either solid or hollow cone nozzles between 0.40 and 8.00 GPH, regardless of the burner’s air pattern. The lower flow rates tend to be more solid.
 AR-D  Type AR-D Nozzles are of a “solid cone” type similar to Type B but with a slightly lower concentration of the droplets in the center of the cone. They are high performance in burners of low up to medium capacity (up to flows of 2.00 GPH).
 R-D  Type R-D Nozzles have a high concentration of droplets in the center of the spray cone. They are particularly recommened for burners with a highly concentrated solid air pattern. The average droplet size is slightly coarser than on the Standard Solid Cone Type B.
 MH  Type .579 MH Mobile Home Nozzles are low-capacity nozzles designed for mobile home use. This design will minimize the usual plugging problems associated with low flow rates.
 SS  Semi-Solid nozzle (.50-2.00) 600, 700 and 800 spray angles; interchanges with other SS nozzles.


DEL26846004 Two Level 110 Nozzle Box;Metal
DEL26846005 One Level 55 Nozzle Box;Metal
DEL287373 1/4” IPS;Nozzle Adapter
CRO2078802 7/16” X 3-1/4” Carlin;Electrode Set
CRO2077002 7/16” X 3-1/4” Carlin;Electrode Set
CRO2078002 7/16” X 3-1/4” Carlin;Electrode Set
CRO2803702 7/16” X 3-1/4” Wayne;Blue Angel HS Electrodes
CRO2521202 7/16” X 3-5/8” Miller;Electrode Set
CRO1014E Crown Electrode Set;7/16” X 4” (01040).
CRO2187002 7/16” X 4-1/4” Heil;Quaker Electrode Set
CRO2802602 1/2” X 4” Wayne;Electrode Set
CRO2802302 1/2” X 4” Wayne;Electrode Set
CRO2802202 1/2” X 4” Wayne;Electrode Set
CRO0404202 1/2” X 4-1/2” Electrode;Set W/Heavy 1/8” Tip
CRO2044102 9/16” X 3-1/4” Beckett;Electrode Set W/Spring
CRO2041002 9/16” X 3-1/4” Beckett;Electrode Set
CRO0504002 9/16” X 4” Electrode Set;W/Light 3/32” Tip
CRO2040402 9/16” X 4” Beckett;Electrode Set
CRO1024E Crown Electrode Set;9/16” X 4” (02040).
CRO1034E Crown Electrode Set;9/16” X 4” (03040).
CRO2013502 9/16” X 4” Electrode Set;
CRO2808402 9/16” X 4-1/2” Webster;Electrode Set
CRO1035E Crown Electrode Set;9/16” X 5” (03050).
CRO2031002 9/16” X 5” ABC & Sunray;Electrode Set
CRO2751802 9/16” X 5” Sunray;Electrode Set
CRO2687102 9/16” X 5” Powerflame;Electrode Set
CRO2015002 9/16” X 5” American;Standard Electrode Set
CRO2031502 9/16” X 5” ABC & Sunray;Electrode Set
CRO1025E Crown Electrode Set;9/16” X 5” (02050).
CRO2168102 9/16” X 5-1/2”;Gordon-Piatt Electrode S
CRO1036E Crown Electrode Set;9/16” X 6” (03060)
CRO2072002 9/16” X 6” Carlin;Electrode Set
CRO2071002 9/16” X 6” Carlin;Electrode Set
CRO0606002 9/16” X 6” Electrode Set;W/Heavy 1/8” Tip
CRO2186002 Heil Quaker Electrode;Set
CRO40445 Electrode Setting Gauge;
CRO2809101 Weil-Mclain QB Burner;Electrode
CRO45010 7/16” Porcelain Adapter;Bushing
WESE56052PK Wayne 1-7/8” Electrode;W/4” Insulator 2 Pk
WESE5188R22PK Carlin 7/8” Electrode;W/12” Ext Rod 2 Pk
WESE5151F2PK Beckett 1-3/8” Electrode;W/3-1/4” Insulator 2 Pk
WESE5151R12PK Beckett 1-3/8” Electrode;W/5” Ext Rod 2 Pk
WESE5188B2PK Carlin 7/8” Electrode;W/3-1/4” Insulator 2 Pk
WESE5151E12PK Beckett 1-3/8” Electrode;W/& Spring 2 Pk
WESE51882PK Carlin 1-7/16” Electrode;W/6” Insulator 2 Pk
WESE5151R2PK Beckett 1-3/8” Electrode;W/2-7/16” Ext Rod 2 Pk
WESE56062PK Wayne 1-1/4” Electrode;W/4” Insulator 2 Pk


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