Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates

Energy Efficiency is top of mind for everyone these days: homeowners, contractors and especially government entities and utility companies. Many states have green initiatives and in some cases strict requirements around energy efficiency. In support of that, utility rebates are now commonplace. That is especially true for Heat Pump Water Heaters. While traditionally these units have been more expensive than standard water heaters, with rebates and the long-term operational savings due to the efficiency, heat pumps are becoming a top choice for homeowners.

As you can see in the chart below, across our New England footprint, rebates in most cases are $600+ on 50–gallon models with states like Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut even offering instant rebates!


 State   Tank Size   Rebate Available   Rebate Method   Rebate Resource Site 
 Maine  Less than 55 gallon   HPX-50-DHPTNE   Instant $850  Efficiency Maine
 Greater than 55 gallon   HPX 66 & 80 Gallon  Instant $850
 New Hampshire  Less than 55 gallon    NO (New Program Possible)  -   NH Saves
 Greater than 55 gallon   NO (New Program Possible)   - 
 Massachusetts  Less than 55 gallon    HPX 50 Gallon  Instant $750  Mass Save
 Greater than 55 gallon   HPX 66 & 80 Gallon  Instant $750
 Vermont  Less than 55 gallon   HPX 50 Gallon  $600 Form   Efficiency Vermont
 Greater than 55 gallon   HPX 66 & 80 Gallon  $600 Form
 Connecticut  Less than 55 gallon   HPX 50 Gallon   Instant $750  Energize Connecticut
 Greater than 55 gallon   HPX 66 & 80 Gallon  $400 Mail In
 Rhode Island  Less than 55 gallon   HPX 50 Gallon  $600 Mail In  National Grid
 Greater than 55 gallon   HPX 66 & 80 Gallon  $150 Mail In


And despite some supply chain issues, The Granite Group’s strong partnership with State Water Heater has put us in a solid inventory position to support your business and increased demand for these products.


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