4Pro BTU 3/8" Outlet Condensate Neutralizer Pump

This combination condensate neutralizer and condensate pump features a Little Giant model VCMA-20ULS pump assembly mounted to 4Pro's patent pending serpentine flow neutralizing base. Height dimensions are the same as the VCMA-20ULS assembly. The pump assembly can be unsnapped and rotated 180 degrees if needed. There is a separate inlet for acidic condensate in the clear cover portion of the base. Only acidic condensate should be introduced into this inlet. Air conditioner or dehumidifier condensate should be introduced into any of the three openings in the VCMA assembly.

  • Combination condensate neutralizer and pump
  • Features a Little Giant VCMA-20ULS pump
  • Up to 500,000 BTU/h input
  • 3/8" discharge


4PRO Condensate Neutralizer Pump Accessories
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