Amtrol Titan Fiberglass Well Tanks

Amtrol Well Tank


The new TITAN™ composite well tanks are tougher outside and better inside. On the outside, the resilient, deeply textured composite fiber provides superior impact resistance with UV protection. On the inside, the spin welded domes and inner extruded core along with the only fixed diaphragm on the market sets a new standard for design excellence.


 Hoop and Groove Design   Inner Core and Domes   Outer Composite Shell 
The only fixed diaphragm composite well tank on the market Strong, lightweight polypropylene core and durable co-polymer domes serve as the water reservoir for the tank Strong epoxy infused glass fiber winding can withstand the harshest conditions
Strong steel outer band encircles the core to lock the diaphragm assembly securely together Inner core unifies the seal between the diaphragm and core Resilient outer surface delivers UV protection
Same diaphragm attachment method used on all Amtrol well tanks Spin welded domes fortify the connection to inner core providing a rigid construction Rugged exterior shell provides outstanding durability
  Insert molded, glass fiber-reinforced connector enhances strength Glass fiber winding does not corrode in damp environments


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TGG# AMTTC20 | 20-Gallon Tank

TGG# AMTTC32 | 32-Gallon Tank

TGG# AMTTC44 | 44-Gallon Tank

TGG# AMTTC62 | 62-Gallon Tank

TGG# CAMTGGS1 | Campbell Tank Tee Kit

TGG# AGCIC71250BSNL | American Granby Tank Tee Only

TGG# CAMUTC543TLF | Campbell Tank Tee Only

TGG# AGDPC125 | American Granby 1-1/4" PVC Schedule 120 Drop Pipe Coupling (Needed for 44 & 62-Gallon Tanks)


In addition to these new Titan tanks, we are a full-line Amtrol distributor including Well-X-Trol and Pro-Line.

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