Take Control with the AquaSmart 7610

Beckett AquaSmart


The Beckett AquaSmart is an advanced microprocessor-based boiler control designed to save energy without sacrificing homeowner comfort. The backlit LCD digital display and touch pad allow flexible programming of temperature limits, differentials, circulator control and other options. Recent cycle history is stored in the display to help with diagnostics and troubleshooting while the ability to adjust the high and low limit differentials separately, as well as the temperature setpoints, means technicians can customize the settings to achieve optimal operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable circulator on/off delays for added energy savings
  • Fully adjustable setpoints and differentials
  • Freeze resistance function helps prevent frozen pipes
  • Stores recent history to aid troubleshooting
  • Expanded wiring box for easier installation
  • Backlit LCD always displays water temperature and LWCO status
  • Temperature Only or Temperature/LWCO sensors available
  • Easy to install Wireless Outdoor Temperature Reset (optional)


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TGG# BEC7610B0001U | Beckett AquaSmart Boiler Temperature Control Gas 24V
TGG# BEC7610A0001U | Beckett AquaSmart Boiler Temperature Control Oil 120V