Introducing the GeniSys® 7565 Advanced Burner Control

Beckett GeniSys 7565 Advanced Burner Control

The newest burner control from Beckett is a glimpse into the future. This control will be the standard moving forward, so take the time to familiarize yourself with it. Whether installing boilers, furnaces, or water heaters, the GeniSys® 7565 Advanced Burner Control is the perfect 120VAC primary safety control for residential and light commercial oil burners having firing rates less than 20 gph.

Features & Benefits

  • Last 50 cycles and last 15 faults history
  • Compatible with burners running #2 fuel oil, up to 100% biodiesel, and up to 100% renewable diesel
  • Separate inputs for combustion air and blocked vent
  • Enhanced diagnostics and programming through the myTechnician® app
  • Configurable for interrupted or intermittent ignition operation
  • Configurable timings for valve-on delay (or “pre-purge”) and motor-off delay (or “post-purge”)
  • Eight status lights provide hands-free understanding of burner operation
  • Pump prime mode for technicians
  • Extra terminal for compatibility with smart thermostats
  • Upon request, sends live control data and history to R.W. Beckett Technical Support when troubleshooting
  • Auto-configures valve-on delay timing for a solenoid valve upon detection


The myTechnician Mobile Application is one of the best tools that a professional oil heat technician can have at a customer job site by identifying problems, reducing job time, and eliminating call backs. The app provides the technician with a wireless Bluetooth connection to the new GeniSys® 7565. With a local connection to the technician’s smart device, the app enables the technician to quickly program burner settings, view control history, diagnose current faults, and evaluate component trends.

The myTechnician app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.


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