BeckettLink Connected WiFi Tank Gauge Kit

Accurately and Reliably Measures Tank Fuel Levels

BeckettLink Tank Guide

The BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge system is an electronic gauge that accurately and reliably measures the fuel level in your tank and transmits that information through a cloud-based connection to a smart phone or tablet. The information can also be sent to a fuel dealer's web-based 'Dealer Dashboard' monitoring system. The system will also provide alerts to notify a user when the tank level is getting low so a delivery can be scheduled. This will reduce, if not eliminate, running out of fuel. The system uses a paired gauge and hub to connect to a WiFi router. This provides a reliable connection to the internet and allows additional gauges and other connected devices to be added to the system as they become available.


  • Gauge with Bluetooth connection to hub
  • Tank level can be accessed from a mobile device anywhere
  • Hub that connects gauge to WiFi signal
  • Easy set-up and connection through the BeckettLink app
  • 150 ft. gauge to hub range
  • Works on tanks up to 72" dia.
  • Standard Lithium battery in gauge with up to 10 year battery life
  • More accurate and reliable than a float gauge
  • Information can be 'shared' with others using the BeckettLink app
  • Multiple gauges can be connected to a single hub
  • Tank adapter for 2" NPT and 'Euro' style tank fitting


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