Blackwater Alert 3" PVC Waste Water Backup Alarm With 1-1/2" Drain Port

A simple and inexpensive solution to an expensive problem!

Blackwater Alert


The Blackwater Alert System easily connects to the waste clean-out line. It is made of durable Schedule 40 PVC. It has an "Active" LED, a "Low Battery" alert, and an alarm shut-off. This unit operates on a 9-volt battery which should last 1 year, and can be easily replaced when it begins to "chirp". This unit also includes an 1.5" release port, which helps control and dramatically reduce a basement clean-up. The unit can be attached to any size waste line using an appropriate reducer bushing or coupling. The valve on the release port (purchased separately) can be sized from 0.5-inch to 1.5-inch diameter.

  • Blackwater Alert is a 95 decibel alarm that notifies occupants BEFORE waste water enters their home or business
  • Easy Install: A plumber or DIYer can install within 1.5 hours
  • Save Money: Inexpensive compared to the cost of a basement/first floor disinfection/cleanup ($2-12,000)
  • Long Lasting: Operates on a commercial 9v battery and will last 1+ years - No wires, no plugs, a sleek and durable design


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