DROP Home Protection Equipment

Water efficiency can save your customers $380 annually—and help them avoid thousands of dollars in water damages. Industry leaders like DROP are making it possible.


DROP Products

DROP’s automated water management system operates on a proprietary network, enabling your customers to detect and remotely control leaks and water flow abnormalities—even in the event of an internet outage.

The system is designed to:

  • Monitor water pressure and shut well pump off when a leak is detected
  • Alert homeowners to pump short cycling, dry run conditions and open discharge
  • Control incoming voltage, pump amp draw and system pressure


From improving safety to lowering insurance premiums, DROP’s smart system offers the savings and peace of mind your customers deserve.

DROP Leak Detector   

DROP Leak Detectors: Non-weather related water damage is the second most common type of insurance claim for homeowners — so common, in fact, that major insurance providers recommend installing water leak detection equipment in your home. Installing a smart home water leak detection system is the most reliable way to get peace of mind that your home and valuable possessions will be protected from water events 


 DROP Protection Valve  

DROP Home Protection Valves: Don't need water treatment, but want to introduce leak detection and smart water control? The DROP Home Protection Valve is for you! This unique device connects to any water supply line and connects you with the DROP Leak Detection system, remote water shutoff, and the distinct Slow Leak Test to inform you of your water system's performance.


 DROP Remote  

DROP Remote: This unique device is an excellent accessory with any other DROP product. This smart remote not only lets your turn on/off your water with a button, but it will also notify you of your system status and events. If a leak detector senses a leak, this will display on the DROP remote as well as on the DROP mobile app.


 DROP Pump Controller   DROP Pump Controller: The DROP Pump Controller is a device that can be added to a DROP system or used by itself, with the addition of the DROP Hub. The DROP Pump Controller monitors your water flow and will alert you to excessive usage helping to prevent or reduce water damage in the event of a burst pipe or appliance leak.