Introducing Flair Smart Vents
Available Exclusively at The Granite Group

  Flair Smart Vents

The Granite Group has added Flair Smart Vents to accompany the Flair Puck offering. Contractors can now provide the perfect temperature in every room with even more precision.

Flair Smart Vents replace existing floor, ceiling, and wall vents. They automatically open and close to adjust airflow and eliminate hot and cold spots. These vents can integrate with a smart thermostat or work alongside a traditional thermostat to redistribute air in the home. In addition, all you need is at least one Flair Puck to support the vents in a particular area. These are easy to retrofit so no need to open up walls to access existing ductwork and also no wiring needed. Smart Vents are made with a rugged steel construction for durability and come in a variety of sizes.

Available exclusively through The Granite Group in New England.

Below is a list of items that will be available soon. Reach out to your local branch or local sales rep to start the conversation.
Click the TGG Part # in the chart below to view the item in the My Granite Access Online Store.

TGG Part #  Description 
FLAPUCK001 Flair Puck WiFi Wireless Thermostat White  
FLAPUCK001P  Flair Puck PRO WiFi Wireless Thermostat White  
FLAVENT410 Flair Smart Vent 4x10
Flair Smart Vent 4x12
FLAVENT414 Flair Smart Vent 4x14
FLAVENT610 Flair Smart Vent 6x10
FLAVENT612 Flair Smart Vent 6x12
FLAVENT614 Flair Smart Vent 6x14
FLAVENT88 Flair Smart Vent 8x8
FLAVENT810 Flair Smart Vent 8x10
FLAVENT1010 Flair Smart Vent 10x10
FLAVENT1212 Flair Smart Vent 12x12
FLAGRILL410B  Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x10 Black
FLAGRILL410DB  Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x10 Espresso
FLAGRILL410LB Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x10 Caramel
FLAGRILL412B Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x12 Black
FLAGRILL412DB Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x12 Espresso
FLAGRILL412LB Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x12 Caramel
FLAGRILL414B Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x14 Black
FLAGRILL414DB Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x14 Espresso
FLAGRILL414LB Flair Smart Vent Cover 4x14 Caramel