Improve Water Pressure with ResiBoost

Goulds Resiboost


A product of Goulds’ next-generation engineering and design, the ResiBoost booster pump system is reliable, durable and efficient at producing consistent water pressure and maximum comfort for any home, regardless of their water source. It combines a small variable frequency drive, a stainless steel multi-stage pump and a small bladder tank in a self-contained, easy-to-install package.  Other convenient features include an integral transducer that instantly reduces the number of parts required for installation as well as a uniquely designed union with check valve that eliminates separate assembly. All part of a plug and play system that comes with the pump, motor and controller already assembled and fully programmed.

After install, your customers will enjoy improved water pressure consistently, regardless of the number of fixtures in use or the location of the fixture in the home. And with its quiet operation, they won’t even realize its there.

We maintain an inventory of the 1HP/115V and 1.5HP/230V Models while also having easy access to source the 2-HP and the 3-Phase models direct from the Goulds factory.

TGG# GOU13159RB115 | 1HP/115V
TGG# GOU22125RB230 | 1.5HP/230V