Introducing the HTP Everlast Elevate

Capacity Amplified Residential Electric Water Heater


HTP Everlast


Innovation at its finest…A 55-Gallon tank that can perform like an 80 or even a 100-gallon tank. With a unique design that pairs an adjustable thermostat with an ASSE 1017 certified mixing valve, the HTP Everlast Elevate can store water as high as 170°F which increases the amount of hot water available while still maintaining a safe and consistent temperature out of the faucet.

The unit itself is built of high-quality stainless steel allowing it to store more thermal energy while avoiding future issues due to corrosion. The compact construction combined with the pre-installed mixing valve, relief valves and drain valves allows for easy installation especially when replacing an old 80-gallon tank, it’s the perfect fit.

In addition to the stainless steel tank, optimum corrosion resistance comes from the titanium heating elements and the premium grade aluminum anode rod. The Elevate also comes with a lifetime warranty on the tank and up to six years on parts with online registration.

So next time you have a homeowner looking for increased hot water and a larger tank just simply isn’t an option due to a variety of restrictions, consider the HTP Everlast Elevate.

TGG# HTPELV055C2X055N | MFG# ELV055C2X055N