HVAC & Refrigeration Tools of the Trade


Mastercool, UEI, Yellow Jacket


It is important to be prepared for anything when showing up for an HVAC tune-up, repair, or install. Having the right tool at the right time will save you time and money. The Granite Group stocks the tools you use everyday as well as the ones you may need less frequently, but all are important to have at your disposal. From flaring tools and pumps to gauges and leak detectors, we have what you need to get the job done right.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the “must have” tools to add to your arsenal this season. Be sure to review the MUST HAVE products noted with a ★ symbol.


TGG Number  Product
MAS70058A ★ Flaring Tool Kit with Tubing Cutter
MAS900662V110B  ★ Two Stage 6 cfm Vacuum Pump
MAS70070 Ratcheting Tubing Bender
MAS59861 ★ 3/8" Aluminum Gauges with 60" Refrigerant & Vacuum Hoses
MAS98063BT ★ Digital Vacuum Gauge
MAS53010 ★ Nitrogen Regulator
MAS55800 Refrigerant Leak Detector
MAS69300 Twin Turbo Recovery Machine
MAS52234BT Bluetooth Thermometer/Hygrometer


TGG Number  Product
UEIWRS110 ★ Wireless Bluetooth Scale
UEIPDT650 ★ Digital Folding Pocket Thermometer
UEIRLD15B Refrigerant Leak Detector
UEIDL599 ★ True RMS Digital Clamp on Meter for HVAC/R
UEIATLBPK ★ Back Probe Test Lead kit

Yellow Jacket

TGG Number   Product
RE60648 ★ Adjustable Torque Wrench
RE18975 ★ 4 in 1 Core Tool
RE60241 6 Position Flaring Tool
RE60430 Swage/Flaring Tool Kit
RE93600 7 cfm Vacuum Pump
RE93760 DC Powered Vacuum Pump
RE60325 Ratcheting Tubing Bender
RE49968 Titan 4 way Manifold with 60" hoses
RE69020 Digital Vacuum Gauge
RE68802 Refrigerant Scale
RE60609 ★ Service Valve Hex Adapter Ratcheting Wrench
RE95730 Recovery Machine