Mueller Streamline ACR fittings

We are excited to announce that we have committed to stocking the Mueller line of refrigeration press fittings. We feel that Mueller offered the best available system for us to push in the market. This is a feature rich line and we felt was the best partner for The Granite Group.

Mueller and is highlighted by the 360-degree crimp. All competitors use an octagonal crimp which distorts the shape of the pipe and fitting. The jaws fit the Milwaukee Tool M18 press tool that we utilize for water press. Both complete tool packages and jaw set only kits are in stock. Watch the clip from our Press On! Virtual Showcase below to see Mueller Streamline in action.



Some Mueller ACR Features:

  • Dual O-ring design.
  • O-ring design: The side of the O-ring that comes into contact with the pipe has multiple points of contact for a better seal.
  • 360-degree press.
  • The Streamline name. Streamline is synonymous with ACR brazed fittings and lends instant credibility to the product.


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