Presto-Tap Pressure Test Devices

Fast, accurate testing for LPG tanks and regulators

RegO Presto-Tap


Part of the RegO line of products, Presto-Tap is the industry’s only UL-listed LPG pressure test devices. This line of products offers a safe and efficient way for drivers and service personnel to test for leaks, obtain pressure readings, and confirm the presence of gas in LP tanks. This easy-to-use system requires no special tools and basic training, so your team can easily comply with industry-mandated system leak testing and documentation procedures. Presto-Tap will save you time and money.

The product offering covers a variety of testing:

  • Tank Pressure
  • First Stage Regulator Pressure
  • Low Pressure Regulator Pressure
  • 2 psi Pressure Testing
  • 11” Water Column Pressure Testing


They even offer the RegO Presto-Tap Universal Service Tech Kit which has all the diagnostic tools needed to perform system leak testing at any point of the propane system all in one easy-to-carry bag.