Resideo L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve

Provide homeowners protection against potentially extensive water damage with the addition of this easy to install Smart Home device. The Shutoff Valve shuts off the home’s water supply when it detects water via the 5-ft sensor cable attached to the device. Extend the leak detection range up to 500-ft by adding additional Sensor Cables.

This smart device connects to the mobile app allowing homeowners real time notification of leaks plus the ability to check the status or turn the water source off remotely when they’re away. And if there is a leak, you’ll be the trusted contractor they call for a repair.

Check out this quick video on how it works:


The valves are available in 4 sizes. Add one to your next job.

TGG# HONVWS02Y12 – ½”
TGG# HONVWS02Y34 – ¾”
TGG# HONVWS02Y1 – 1”
TGG# HONVWS02Y114 – 1-1/4”