SpacePak Air to Water Heat Pumps

SpacePak Heat Pumps 

SpacePak is the industry leader in air-to-water heat pump technology since they first introduced the modern hydronic solution to the North American market back in 2011. They are uniquely qualified to provide the levels of training and support required to assist in the adoption of this exciting and promising technology. Spacepak has taken their original Solstice heat pump technology that's proven itself in the field over the last decade, and upgraded the product offering with the inclusion of the latest innovations in inverter technology.

Features & Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly heating and cooling for residential and light commercial settings
  • The physics that make water ideal for conveying heat also make it ideal for cooling
  • All the advantages of a hydronic (water) distribution system without the use of fossil fuels
  • Combines the performance of modern air-source heat pump technology with the unsurpassed comfort of hydronics
  • 30% more efficient than traditional air-source heat pumps
  • Energy savings up to 47% greater than a typical high efficiency natural gas condensing boiler
  • Up to 70% less electricity use than electric baseboard

This low temperature hydronic heating and cooling equipment pairs well with radiant heat, panel radiators, low temperature baseboard, and hydronic fan coils.