Symmons Temptrol Valves Product Spotlight

Symmons Temptrol Valve

With construction material and labor costs on the rise, there is an increased pressure to keep costs down. The new Temptrol shower valve was updated with purpose to maintain the same features you depend on while making the valve faster and easier to install. Install the showering experience your customers desires with the company and Temptrol you've always been able to trust.

Symmons Temptrol Valve Overview

Symmons covers the steps to help you choose and customize the style and function of your Temptrol shower valve.

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Symmons Temptrol Shower Experience

Symmons covers the first step to selecting a Temptrol valve: function. This video discusses options for shower-only, tub-and-shower, hand-shower, and multiple combinations.

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Symmons Temptrol Trims and Collections

Step number two of the ordering process is style and finish. Symmons covers their wide range of styles, finishes and textures in this video.

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Symmons Temptrol Valve Body and Options

Symmons goes behind the scenes (and wall) to show you the valve options available to make installation go smoothly.

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Symmons Temptrol Connections and Installation

Symmons covers shuttoffs, secure mounting options, and factory-installed piping material adaptors.

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