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R2230   R22 Refrigerant 30# Cylinder   $371.31    DiversiTech
R410A25   R410A Refrigerant 25# Cylinder   $98.89  
DIV944KIT   Super Seal Advanced For 1.5-5 Ton System   $51.86  
 DIV947KIT   Super Seal Advanced For Up To 1.5 Ton System   $40.73  
DIV971KIT   Super Seal Total For Up to 1.5 Ton System   $43.39  
DIV972KIT    Super Seal Total For 1.5-5 Ton System    $55.14  
DIV980   Flash Universal UV Dye Up To 5 Tons     $12.29    
DIV98084KIT   Flash Minipro UV Leak Detector Kit     $93.16    
DIVTRIPLED    1 Gallon Universal Coil Cleaner    $21.96    
DIVTRIPLEDAER    19 Oz Triple-D Universal Coil Cleaner Aerosol     $10.71    
DIVPROBLUE   1 Gallon Blue Foam Condenser Coil Cleaner     $15.32    
DIV35820    19 Oz Foam No-Rinse Aerosol Coil Cleaner     $5.39   Speedclean 
SPCSCCS100   SpeedClean Coilshot Spray Gun     $83.52  
SPCSCCSTABS   SpeedClean Coilshot Tablets Refill     $30.62  
SPCSCCSWAND    SpeedClean Coilshot Wand     $38.58  
REC82560   Mini-Split Desolv Evap Coil Cleaning Kit      $158.72    
REC82562   Desolve Single Use Replacement Bags
REC82565     Desolv Mini-Split Evap Coil & Blower Cleaner    $25.27    
  19037 Sealright O-Rings 10pk    $6.47    
RE19047    19047 Gasket Removal Tool    $10.51    
DIV62021    16 Oz Slug DiversiGum Sealing Compound    $3.19    Rectorseal
DIVVC4   1/4" Flare Cap For Access Fitting Per Each     $0.89  
DIVVCRT1   Valve Core Removal Tool     $40.45  
REC86680    R410A Refrigerant Locking Cap 6 Pack W/Key    $46.00  
REC86681    R410A Refrigerant Locking Cap 10 Pack    $64.65  
REC86682    R410A Refrigerant Locking Cap 2 Pack    $13.92  
REC86698   Novent Refrigerant Locking Cap Multikey     $10.44    


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