Save Now, Save Every Year with Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters from State and The Granite Group. 

Did you know over 10,000 Mainers use Heat Pump Water Heaters to heat their water? And that number is only getting bigger every year. Why are they so popular? It comes down to one word: Efficiency. And with their hybrid electric heat pump water heater, our friends from State have taken efficiency to whole new level. As the most efficient tank water heater available, hybrid heat pump water heaters are designed to use your home's electricity alongside heat pump technology.



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With a 50-Gallon Proline® XE Heat Pump Water Heater vs. a 50-Gallon Conventional Electric Water Heater

State 50-gallon Proline XE Heat Pump Water Heater Comparison Chart



Do you save money with a hybrid electric heat pump tank water heater?

Innovative State hybrid electric heat pump technology does contribute to savings on energy costs. To lower operating costs, the heat pump draws on heat already available in your home, which can lead to hundreds of dollars of annual savings in comparison to a traditional electric tank water heater.

How long does a hybrid electric heat pump tank water heater last?

State offers models with 6- to 10-year limited warranty options. Although the lifespan of a heater varies depending on proper maintenance, water quality and use patterns, State heaters are frequently in service beyond the warranty period when properly installed and maintained in areas with good water quality.

How much does it cost to install a hybrid electric heat pump water heater?

A hybrid electric heat pump water heater requires the same installation process as a standard electric water heater. While the initial cost of this type of water heater is typically higher, the current Efficiency Maine rebate greatly reduces your overall cost. In addition, this more efficient unit will help you conserve energy and save money in the long run.

What size of water heater do I need for my home?

A range of sizes is available to meet your needs. State's three options for hybrid electric heat pump water heaters are 50, 66, and 80 gallons. Consult your local plumbing contractor to decide on the right size and model for your daily needs.

How do I know if a hybrid electric heat pump water heater is right for my home?

State's heat pump technology transfers heat from the air in your home into the water within your water heater. If you live in moderate climates and have a basement, garage or other large spaces, a hybrid heat pump water heater operates very well. State also offers a ducting kit for smaller spaces like closets to allow the heat pump to use air from an adjacent room. Consult your local plumbing contractor. To find out if a hybrid electric heat pump tank water heater is the right fit for your home's needs.


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