Destinations 2024: Puerto Rico
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 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has so much to discover and explore. Tour the United States’ only rainforest by horse, ATV or hike. Kayak one of only five Bio-Bays in the world or immerse yourself into Puerto Rico’s rich history by foot, by boat or through your palate.

  • These excursions are exclusive to Granite Group guests, meaning everyone in your group is with our program.
  • The times shown are the activities’ start time. Your lobby departure time will be earlier and vary depending on distance from hotel.
  • These excursions, including the ones “sponsored” are optional and at your own expense.

To help you plan, here is a brief list of our major events. Only the Happy Hour overlaps with a couple excursions:

  • Sunday 6:00pm “Life in the Big Chair” Welcome
  • Monday 10am-Beach Olympics
  • Tuesday 5:30pm Happy Hour
  • Thursday 6:00pm Rainforest Farewell

Please Note: Advanced excursion booking is now closed. If needed, you will be able to book or make scheduling adjustments once onsite based on availability. 

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